// disruptive innovation - our brand //

Before I even began my first day on the job, I knew our brand was the first project I wanted to tackle .


  • We had no online presence 
  • We needed to have an outlet to for design tools & innovative thinking 
  • We need to be marketable & practice what we preach 
  • We need to be visible to the rest of CMG (slowly, but surely) 
  • We needed to have consistency in the multiple presentations & other materials we were creating and sending across the company 

So, here is what we created: 

// typeface // 

// colors // 

// iconography // 

// website // 


// deck // 

Now, all of the future collateral we create, will be recognizable as the Innovation Team. This can be applied to not only keynote decks, print collateral, but design-thinking toolkits we will create as well.