// implementing inspirations //

In our latest prototype, Hidden Gem, we took a different route stylistically based on research and our target audience. This meant I had to stray away from my comfort zone and own design style, but that is also what makes it fun and challenging. 

So, project background: 

Our team was asked to think about the "future of classifieds." Through multiple garage sale interviews, flea market browsing, estate sale observations and surveys, we found that the treasure hunting thrill is what truly drives people to those in-person sales experiences. We also found that there is not a great outlet for those treasure hunters to be able to map out and plan that experience, as well as show-off their best antique or vintage finds. Thus, Hidden Gem was created. Hidden Gem is an online mapping tool & niche treasure showcase, as well as e-commerce platform for those avid treasure hunters. 

From our survey, we found that 70% of the treasure hunters that randomly volunteered for the survey were women, so the design reflects that with a more whimsical and fashion magazine look. Gathering inspiration from sites like http://besottedblog.com or www.etsy.com, and packaging like http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2014/11/12/unelefante-toffee. Because the garage sales evoke such a nostalgia and reminiscing feel, as well as the wonder that comes from where these items have been, or what's there story... it seemed important to incorporate that overall feeling into the work as well. That's why a collage-like look is featured on the homepage through cutout items, just like kids do by cutting out pictures from magazines and pasting with elmer's glue to make that bigger picture. We felt it was really important for that nostalgic feeling to be included in the designs to reflect the users desires in going to these sales. 

Here you can see the visual inspirations: 

And here is how those inspirations were implemented into our project: