// 5 things we love about slack //

Our team has recently jumped on the Slack bandwagon, and for a good reason. We love how it is helping with our overall productivity as well as communication with the members of our team who aren't in the same zip code. So, to encourage others to try it out too, we've  put together a list of the top 5 things we love about Slack: 

  1. Less emails! Slack provides an additional step in decluttering our already crowded inboxes. Being able to send little things and one-liners without being in an email, has been great for saving time and encouraging more fun conversations as well. 
  2. Organizes conversations: Slack uses channels to distinguish different topics of conversation, these remain public and open to the group, but keep content organized. With opt-in/opt-out features, you can choose to be a part of a discussion or not, and can always go back and reference something if you're feeling left out. Basically the channels help eliminate some of the crazy noise that comes with group messages or long email threads. 
  3. Viewing Files: We are going through a redesign right now so there are many files, photos and links being shared. The ability to upload and share all of those files in one place makes it easier to view and have an immediate discussion about them. The integration with Dropbox and Google Drive also makes this process much easier. And speaking of integration, Slack partners with a variety of services to help boost productivity even further. We <3 collaboration.  
  4. Great for all devices: We love that Slack not only looks, but works just as great going from our desktop to our phones to our tablets. The design is customized for whatever device you are using, making it easy to communicate on the go or at your desk. 
  5. Express yourself: Who doesn't love emoji's and animated gifs? We might overuse them, but we definitely take advantage how they help us truly express ourselves.