Here's a collection of existing content that inspires us.  

Austin American Statesman, Interactive UT Tower Experience 

Q. McElroy, WHIO Brookville Shooting Suspect. Generated 27,488 video views. 

Scott Markle, Elissa the Mom Facebook Video   |   Fans 1st Media, Alt_Driver Facebook Video 

Jon Mayo-Buttry: Fage - Plain

Rusch Young, Mountain Collapses 

Kimberly Solomon, Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles   (impressive on mobile) 

Amy Hanford, Wait for it... this could save your life 

Kate Camp, Dear Kitten

Brian Krills, Officers Bring Man Back to Life  Facebook Link  |   WPXI

Ashley Hebler, What is privilege? 

Mike Lupo, Miracle on 42nd Street 

Melinda Holt,  Worry About Yourself