Over the past several years, Cox Media Group has launched numerous efforts at spreading innovative practices far and wide throughout the company.  

One of the more recent efforts, begun in 2014 by Executive Vice President Marian Pittman, is the Garage Project.  

CMG Garage Projects are intense! They involve a small group — 15 or 20 people — working more or less nonstop for a week.  They are also focused.  When we come together, we are locked in — not on a solution, but on a consumer need in search of a solution.

The first garage project, focused on weather, resulted in CMG's trailblazing use of drones in news coverage.  See more in the featured video. 

The second garage project focused on traffic.  Numerous proposals have been prototyped and a few are actually in the works! One app specifically with a launch date of April 2017.   

The third annual garage project was a collaboration of a  group of two dozen Cox Media Group colleagues meeting in midtown Atlanta. Their mission: to “growth hack” video, including over-the-top apps, for all of CMG.

You can see some of the working atmosphere in the photos below.  

Garage Project 3: December 2016

Garage Project 2: December 2015