Welcome, CMG colleagues!

We are delighted that you’re interested in participating in the 2014 CMG Innovation Summit. This year's conference will take place in Boulder Colorado on October 7-9, 2014. 

This is the third year for the conference, and we are confident it will be the best.  Work is under way to build a world-class learning experience for you. Plus, we tend to have a lot of fun.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the CMG Innovation Summit exists to provide you with skills – including “design thinking” and rapid prototyping – to help prepare you for a media world that changes at warp speed.

In the previous two years, we’ve held the conference in Austin, Texas and Portland, Maine – both very creative and inspirational cities. This year, we're heading to the mountains in Boulder, Colorado!

The conference will start on Tuesday, Oct. 7 and end on Thursday, Oct. 9.

This year, we are doing things a little differently:

  • We are asking our colleagues who want to attend to complete the online application below.
  • We are putting a premium on a demonstrated desire to innovate within CMG.
  • For example, have you been dying to launch a new product? Is there a process in your office than you think can be vastly improved? We want concrete examples. 
  • We’ll accept written explanations (we love a good story), Haiku, photos, videos, sketches, links, etc. Any way you can briefly demonstrate your point works well for us.
  • We are seeking the widest variety possible in rank, title, skills and outlook.
  • We prefer people who haven’t attended in the past, but will make exceptions for stunning applications from previous attendees. (In fact, we might reach out and ask a handful of past participants to come again, just because they did such a great job of making the event better).
  • This is important: We also seek a commitment that you'll take steps to "spread the news" and teach others when you get back to your office. At the summit, we'll coach you on how to go about this.

Finally, before you start your application, we’d like to emphasize:

  1. You need your supervisor’s approval.
  2. We ask that you please take note of the following: We seek a commitment from you to take what you learn back to the “home office” and put it into practice in small ways and big.

The CMG Innovation Summit is, with some very small exceptions, an all-expenses-paid affair. It represents a stunning investment, both in time and money, in your development.

The application period is July 1 - 25, 2014.