At Cox Media Group, we believe everyone can be an innovator — not just the creative types in black turtlenecks and wireframe glasses (sorry/RIP, Steve.)

In 2016, an election year, we are democratizing innovation across CMG with our new Kickbox program. 

The Kickbox program is a self-guided innovation curriculum intended to bubble up the best ideas and best practices from across our company. The training takes one work day, but the benefits will last for a career. For each participant, the self-guided program -- which is meant to bring your location's best ideas to life -- will last 4-8 weeks (depending on the complexity) and be completed in your discretionary time at work. That’s right — you don’t get to quit your day job: In order to succeed, your supervisor will need to BELIEVE in what you are doing and feel good about giving you a little time each week to work on this.

CMG Kickbox, patterned after Adobe’s highly successful open source-program, allows anyone within CMG to:

  • Apply for the program
  • Attend training (in person or online) 
  • Then qualify for an innovation kit and a $1,000 budget to help you prototype your idea.

Are you interested in being one of our first CMG Kickboxers? Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you with more details on upcoming training.

Stay tuned!

Tim Lott
VP, Innovation
Cox Media Group


HAVE A BIG IDEA? Apply for a CMG KIckbox today: 

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