January 23, 2018

  • Jessica created first prototype of the two week daily trial 
    • 2pm - 7pm for first time, working to cut down 
    • Do we tap an NCD video editor for an hour a day 
    • Gathering period took the longest amount of time 
  • Using WochIt (online video editing tool) 
    • Upside: efficiency, sharing videos , easy editing, uploading any video   
    • Downside: limited on graphics and motion, pretty basic, not able to do side by side video 
    • Cost: $25 per video 
  • Still looking into other video editing solutions 
  • Future shooting ideas: 
    • Load a graphic into system behind performance area, most self sufficient option 
    • Jessica to work with engineer on how to load graphic in 
  • Tool for bottom half of video, commenting, potential ads, polls, etc. 
    • Zack and Alex to look at potential solutions for that 
  • Monetization: 
    • Next Thursday @ 1pm Rob meeting with Jessica & Joe 
  • Feb 5th is first video rollout, we'll plan sending out between 7-8pm that evening
  • Next team meeting on Jan. 25, agenda for that meeting: 
    • Jessica's Tues/Wed Prototypes (Jessica) 
    • Editorial Focus (Jessica + Cara) 
    • WochIt / Video Editing Status Update (Jessica) 
    • Facebook Name Ideas (Zack + Alex) 
    • Update on Interactivity Piece on Video (Zack + Alex) 
    • Distribution Strategy (Rob) 
      • Setting up call with Google Rep 
        • Facebook Page 
        • YouTube Channel 
        • Instagram Account

January 18, 2018

Next steps: 

  • Start creating test videos Monday January 22 for two weeks (Jessica) 
  • Decide Morning vs. Afternoon format (Jessica + Rob) 
  • Determine Facebook name(s) (Zack + Alex) 
  • Setup 30 minute call 2x per week to start (Zack + Alex) 
  • Monetization Strategy (Rob + Ian) 
  • Finalize Distribution Plan + Daily Scheduled Rollout Plan (Jessica, Rob, Zack, Alex) 
  • Determine Most Efficient Video Output & Editing (Jessica + Cara) 
  • Revisit graphics for template once we've settled on editing workflow (Alex + Jessica)
  • Company announcement about The Daily Pitch (Chris, Zack + Alex)


Wednesday November 8, 2017: SCALING UP DAILY PITCH  

Jessica's thoughts on workflow: 

  • It should be easy enough to turn one of these once a day. Once we get good at it, we can do it twice a day, possibly even more than that.
  • WSB-TV Workflow for Daily Pitch WITH EXISTING TV STAFF: 
  • Producer pulls top stories from WSB-TV show, CNN wires and ABC wires
  • Producer rewrites scripts in Digital Rundown
  • Identify video sources and mark in scripts (notes for editor)
  • Identify graphics needs and mark scripts (notes for editor)
  • Producer gets TV manager to approve scripts
  • Producer records anchor in performance area
  • Producer notifies editor when video is ready for edit
  • Editor cuts video
  • Producer uploads completed video to Anvato, Facebook and other video distribution platforms

What time should the Daily Pitch be sent? (Testing opportunity)  

  • 4pm - 5pm (using WSB Talent) 
  • Could be earlier, if producer is also talent 

Distribution strategy: 

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter 
  2. Newsletter? 
  3. Website? 

Finalizing names:

  1. Daily Pitch
    1. Daily Pitch WSB
    2. Atlanta Daily Pitch
  2. ICYMI
    1. ICYMI WSB
    2. ICYMI ATL
    3. ICYMI Atlanta 

Next steps: 

  1. Look into domain ability for ICYMI and Daily Pitch  (Alex) 
  2. Reach out to Cox legal to get rights to names  (Tim) 
  3. Create sales collateral for DRO team  (Alex) 

 SEPTEMBER 1, 2017 (prototype R2 FEEDBACK & NEXT STEPS)

The group's ranking was:

  1. Jessica's Version
  2. Craig's Version
  3. Jessica and Si's Version
  4. Fred's Version 

Group notes/thoughts/recommendations overall and on each video:


  1. These felt newsier. Also, our delivery felt more straightforward and less TMZ.
  2. We are a little worried that our lede story will feel outdated/stale by the time we test because it turned into sucha huge news story that everyone will be familiar with.
  3. Important on serious news stories not to use overly informal language.
  4. Alex had thoughts about logos — not going switching to full-screen “interstitial” logos at the end but doing something full-bleed across the bottom and still overlaying the “talent”. (Alex, if I got this wrong, please say so.)
  5. We want to test Daily Dash and The Daily Pitch.

Jessica's Version: 

  • Fix the language in the Hurricane Harvey story so it doesn’t seem so casual
  • Fix the camera framing / record on a different camera.
  • Too much screen and not enough Jessica (maybe another way of saying the above point).
  • How about a versions either in the newsroom or in front of the satellite feed screens.
  • Remove logo coming in at the end screen if we keep the horizontal screen version 


Craig's Version: 

  • Change the way he’s dressed. The tie is bothering some of us. 
  • Tim thinks his delivery is almost perfect but agrees on the tie and furthermore suggests … 
  • He’s wearing way too much powder! 
  • Remove end screen and replace with logo overlay instead 
  • Less zoomed in, maybe getting more of the hustle and bustle of the newsroom, really want to have that authentic behind the scenes news feel


Jessica + Si's Version: 

  • Break up the stories so it’s not so ping-pongy.
  • Work on delivery / getting Si to be more himself on teleprompter (Jessica chuckles that Zack used the word “shy” in reference to Si. Si is NOT a shy person! :) )
  • Again, careful with words like “chill” — especially when referring to something so serious as a natural disaster. 
  • Less back and forth from story to story and more integrated anchor duties within each story 
  • Adding in footage or graphics into the vertical screen between them would bring it up a notch 
  • Less back and forth from story to story and more integrated anchor duties within each story
  • Adding in footage or graphics into the vertical screen between them would bring it up a notch
  • Replace emoji's in timeline bar with a more simple option that mimics the dashed lines in the logo 

Fred's Version: 

  •       Everything felt a little off with this one.
  •       Cadence, rhythm, syntax. 
  •       Tim feels like he was caught between trying to be serious and trying to be hip.


Proposed next steps:

  1. Forward top three versions to Marian.

  2. Along with those three, tell her our recommendations for making them better, largely built around feedback above.

  3. Collect her response & feedback. 

  4. Make changes based on her feedback as well as our team feedback. 

  5. Iterate and tweak videos for testing R2. 

AUGUST 24, 2017 (prototype R2)

Names to Test:

  • The Daily Pitch
  • Daily Dash
  • All the Perimeter (ATP) 

Coverage / Stories: 

  • Intro (5 seconds) 
  • Top:  (1 minute) 
    • Hurricane 
    • Charleston Hostage / Killing
    • Bernice King (30s) 
    • Booting Lawsuit (30s) 
  • Weather/Event (20 seconds) 
    • Friday:
      • Weather: Mostly Sunny  //  High: 87° Low: 69°
      • Event: Georgia Aquarium Aqua-Vino ($75/ticket) 
    • Saturday:
      • Weather: Isolated Showers (20%)  //  High: 85° Low: 70°
      • Event: Art Party 2017 ($50/ticket) OR Ed Sheeran Concert 
      • Sunday:
        • Weather: Isolated Showers (30%)  //  High: 84° Low: 69°
        • Event: BronzeLens Film Festival 
  • Pacers (10 seconds) 
    • Robotarium Tech (10s) 
  • End (5 seconds) 
  • Runner ups: 
    • Animals ATL Airport 
    • Eclipse Cleanup
    • Powerball 
    • Booting Lawsuit
    • Ethics Board  
    • Restaurant Jalisco 


From Jessica: 

From Tim: 

  • We surveyed people 18-34 in the Atlanta area who self-identify as being interested news.
  • They endorsed the concept.
  • They favored serious news; not so much feel-good stories.
  • They didn’t care much for anything approaching “flippant” in presentation.
  • Keep everything short, crisp. 
  • They are a Facebook audience, so we should seriously consider making everything we do optimized for Facebook and maybe Instagram. (with all other social media outlets insignificant)
  • Weather is big. They also liked the way we handled the weather (tying it to events).
  • We still need to test the name. So it would probably be smart to brand it with a couple of other names as well.
  • Our writing needs to be very much in present or future-leaning tense. Careful not to allow stories to feel dated.

June 6, 2017 (D-Day)

Discussion of Millennial Project Prototypes

  • Tim intros the project for Bill and Anne and generally establishes the context
  • Marian congratulated the group on their excellent work
    • She articulated some concern about content
  • Bill talked about perception analyzer, plans on 400 Atlanta folks between 18-34 take this test: age balance, gender and ethnicity, interested in the news but don’t necessarily watch the TV news
  • Bill says using the same stories for all versions is great. Leans toward the following:
    • One anchor (Craig)
    • One Jessica (no captions)
    • One Si and Jessica 
  • Zack: three different styles, all without captions. Then maybe test captions on Facebook later. 
  • Marian agrees: Style and content is the focus of these tests
  • Big discussion of the lead story and whether it’s good enough
  • Marian suggests Jessica go to the editorial meeting over the next two days … and re-do and re-edit the first part
  • Discussion of pre-roll, mid-roll, sponsorship
  • Marian: Maybe straight message without the ads and then followed up with questions about sponsorship. 


    Questions / Follow Up:

    • How many videos can we send to testing?
    • Best aspect ratios for mobile viewing? 
    • Have Marian and Bill join an hour-long call with nitpicks and choosing final versions 

    General Feedback on 2nd Prototype with Jessica hosting: 


    • Video quality could be better (shooting on DSLRs)


    • Caption version is good 
    • Wants more text in the non-caption story 
    • Maybe more headline text overlays to deliver top level info 
      • Return of the lower 3rd 


    • Likes the idea of doing two versions
    • Overall great, by far the best version so far
    • Captures the feeling of what we were trying to capture


    • Loves the caption version – loves it more than without captions 
    • Doesn’t like watching video with sound
    • Captions went by a little too fast for her to read 
    • Aspect ratio 


    • Thought it was amazing
    • Approved changed location 
    • More work for refinement 
    • Moved away from the traditional area where people would do news – he liked it. Felt more like “I’m a journalist here to talk to you about the news” 


    • Likes the authenticity of the newsroom that you can’t get in front of a screen 
    • The writing is going to drive whether Jessica, Jessica and Si is going to look and feel conversational 
    • Cadence still felt a little bit too fast still felt like you were reading from a story somewhere 
    • You don’t want to sound flippant on sensitive stories

    MAY 24, 2017: TEAM FEEDBACK

    • More casual is key:
    • B-Roll not very exciting or high quality: 
      • Should we use different stories for next prototype? 
      • Snapchat like style for those b-roll shots, maybe adding in emojis or graphics to help those shots be more creative 
    • Weather: 
      • Everyone really likes the event > weather relationship 
    • Timing: 
      • Feels too long, would like more fun side commentary 
      • Like the cadence 
    • Technical look of the set: 
      • Want to see behind the scenes more rather than just screen behind the anchor 
      • Overlay graphics vs green screen graphics 
      • We shouldn’t even use any low quality b-roll, anchor talking trumps bad quality footage 
      • Flat high quality static images could potentially have a better result than the low res b-roll 
    • Stories: 
      • Should test alternative set of stories
        • Inspirational / feel good story could have been better, removed archival footage 

    MAY 23, 2017: Notes from Ian 

    Aspect ratio: We should consider testing or trying a smartphone aspect ratio – taller than wide. I hold my phone to get the max width, but I am told and I have read that millennials are not known for doing that. Buzzfeed appears to have adopted this aspect ratio. Example:

    Captions:  We will LIKELY want to add videos to Facebook and allow people to watch with the sound off. Previous research suggests the audience is on FB and gets a lot of news from FB. So, we should consider adding graphics and captions to the video that could be visible 100% of the time, if audio is off. Example:

    Talent: I looked at data on gender. Below. There seems to be a limited preference of female anchors from the SG data on Millennials (18-34). There was definitely a skew for a specific age of Millennials. Looking at sources such as Buzzfeed, Vice, etc., I see a favoritism towards women but it is not very strong..

    MAY 23, 2017: TeaM FEEDBACK & NEXT STEPS 

    1. Version 1 is complete. Thanks, Jessica, for your hard work and creativity to turn this around so quickly. It's a great start:

    First Round of Feedback:

    • On future versions, let's trim from 5 minutes to as close to three as possible. 
    • Some aspects felt too traditional -- especially the weather segment, which felt very much like what you would see on the 11pm forecast.  Maybe consider making it an "events" segment with weather baked into it in a more casual way. Not so "graphic-y".
    • No matter who the star of the show is, continue to work on a more casual cadence. 
    • We like that Fred is standing.
    • But in future versions, do we really need to see the face of the person reading it? (Food for thought.)
    • Si: We have to stay super-conscious of the stories we choose.
    • Jessica raises the SmithGeiger research: Events, weather, hard news targeted to their area. She acknowledges that micro-targeting will definitely make production infinitely more labor-intensive. 
    • Tone-wise, Si brings up the possibility of interaction with a character just off-screen.
    • Ian: "Can Fred take his tie off and just be a person up there?"
    • We all liked the feel of the graphics we made vs. the standard WSB graphics. 


    2. Upcoming versions and production timeline (taking into account the feedback from today plus the wrap-up of May sweeps on Thursday):

    • Jessica by herself -- probably today.
    • Craig Lucie -- probably today.
    • Jessica and Fred Blankenship together -- probably Friday


    3. Branded vs. unbranded: Can this be done post-production or do we literally have to shoot two versions of each prototype?

    4. Next steps: 

    • Today: We will post V1 to the Innovation Team website .
    • Today-Friday: Production of other versions mentioned above.
    • Wednesday: Alex works on the YouTube and Facebook channels and continues to refine the newsletter approach.
    • Tuesday, May 30th: Tim will target our next conference call for this day.
    • TBD: More feedback, tinkering, maybe choosing new stories.
    • TBD: Scheduling focus groups with Bill Thiel.