Hello, CMG colleagues!
We look forward to seeing you in Boulder Oct. 7-9.

Now, let's get the show on the road with some important details about the 2014 Cox Media Group Innovation Summit.

1. In order to claim your spot, you'll need to complete registration by Wednesday, August 27th. On August 28th, we start handing out sad, empty registration slots to alternates. After reading through all this interesting and important stuff, click the "Start Registration" button at the bottom of this page.

2. Whatever you do, please DO NOT book your travel independently or through the normal Cox Travel routine. I'll get audited by the IRS or something else bad if you do that. But seriously, the only way we can keep track of everyone (and manage our budget) is if you register through our special Innovation Summit portal. So thanks for understanding.

3. Be on the lookout for a couple of small and easy (but very important) "homework" assignments. You might receive them through "snail mail" or your email address. Our partners/facilitators for this summit are Gretchen Wustrack and Molly Van Campen, two veterans of the design firm IDEO who recently left to form a Bay-area startup called Curiosity Atlas. So please make sure "@curiosityatlas.com" emails are not getting caught in your spam filters.

4. Now a serious note: Colorado has legalized recreational marijuana use. Cox Media Group has NOT. One is a political entity. The other signs your paycheck. I know you know this already, but it needs to be said: Don't do it. No matter your views, please don't make this trip to Boulder a foray into recreational marijuana consumption. 

Maybe you've heard me say this before, but CMG is spending a remarkable amount of money, time, and energy putting this event on because -- and you can ask Bill Hoffman if you don't believe me -- our leaders truly believe in growing and developing people. This investment is all about your future and, by extension, Cox Media Group's

See you in Boulder. 

Tim Lott
VP, Disruptive Innovation
Cox Media Group