12 was a social reader developed for iPad. It launched in October 2012 and was shuttered in early 2013.

The goal of 12 was to improve the way people find and consume news and information. Believing the signal-to-noise ratio is insanely out of balance, 12 was to act as a filter: not a circle, not a #hashtag, and not a like, but an honest-to-goodness human filter.

Read the stories important to you, digest the information that best fits your palate, not because an algorithm thinks you will like it, but because a human being you know, you trust, and that you choose to help curate your customizable content, says so.

Our hope was that doing this would allow the user to create and constantly customize the best newspaper or magazine in the world for them.

In April 2013, we decided to shut down 12.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; great innovation rarely happens without failure. We make it a point to share our hard-learned lessons with the rest of Cox Media Group.